Welcome To MITstem International School

Welcome To MITstem International School

We thank you for enrolling your child with MITstem International School. In MITstem, students are prepared to face the challenges ahead of them by creating experts for the future with the latest technology required by the global market.


MITStem International School (Wholly owned by MIT Academy Sdn Bhd) is the 1st Private Technical College awarded by the Ministry of Education offering the Malaysian Vocational Diploma Programme for PT3 graduate student for a 4 year Diploma programme.

MIT Academy has been appointed by Omron and Bosch Rexroth as Licensed Training Centers (LTC), Autodesk & Carey Training (Authorized Training Centre (ATC) and Technology Partners for Fanuc Robot and SMC Pneumatic.


As a LTC, ATC and Technology Partners, MITstem is fully equipped with the relevant equipment to teach the students under the Design and Technology Syllabus.


In addition to physical teaching contact hours, our student are encouraged to have e-learning under our affiliates STEMera.


Mr & Mrs Tang were looking for good school which can accommodate for his son. They got attracted to MITstem International School due to the word STEM because they believe the future is about Science and Technology

Dr Kenny got interested to enroll his son into MITstem International School is because this school is providing STEM Education. He thinks that STEM is the new approach in pedagogy where students are given early exposure on science, technology, engineering and mathematics and it’s the way forward.

Ms Sue never heard about STEM education before but now realized that it is a marvellous idea for his son because it prepares him for the upcoming digital world. MITstem International School is providing 70% academic focused education and 30% hands on learning. Ms Sue believes that the son will enjoy studying in MITstem International School with support of the workforce in school and the good environment.

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